It's the smart contract that makes
profit from the project
F2C (more info).
F2C Share
it's a unique token that was built on the basis of Ethereum. It allows its holder to receive his/her income in proportion to the number of tokens belonging to him/her immediately after the transaction.
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F2C swap ecosystem

is a suite of fintech solutions that helps clients transfer, store and manage digital and fiat assets.

The F2C swap system includes the following services:


1) KYC customer verification service and provision of IBAN accounts;

2) Oracle financial data matching functions.

Custody of digital assets of clients.
Management of digital asset of clients.
Replacing duplicate questions with legal entity documentation and owner information with one reusable master record.

The development of the cryptocurrency market is accompanied by the rapid development of financial institutions - exchanges, brokers, trusts, exchangers. Today's blockchain financial market can be compared to the evolution of the traditional financial system in the 18-19th centuries, and the existing system is 200 years of experience. But the blockchain market and its infrastructure must go this way in 10 years. Therefore, the transfer of experience and tools from the traditional financial system to the blockchain is inevitable, and those of the new market players who will take this experience into account will be more successful compared to their competitors.
Project economics

1. The total number of blockchain wallet users worldwide has grown from over 34.6 million in Q1 2019 to 47 million in Q1 2020.

The daily turnover of all cryptocurrencies is about $ 100 billion,

market capitalization - more than 450 billion US dollars.

On January 10, 2020, the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) came into force, according to which all crypto exchanges must implement AML and KYC procedures.
However, over half of 800 cryptocurrency exchanges in 80 countries do not comply with KYC / AML measures.

Our solution for exchanges is the F2C swap service.

The F2C swap is based on the many years of experience of a team of financiers, lawyers, programmers with a large background, who have managed to combine the accumulated knowledge and developments of the traditional financial world with the new blockchain universe.

F2C swap provides specialized financial institutions with services of:
- verification of clients through AML and KYC procedures;
- Oracle functions for matching financial data;
- custodian decision;
- asset Management;
- passporting.

The main consumers of our services are crypto exchanges, brokerage companies, trusts, crypto exchangers.
Our goal is to help exchanges, brokers, exchangers and trusts using our service to attract new customers, increase sales, conduct transactions and operations in accordance with the FATF.

2. Sales forecast.
Our main clients are exchanges with a turnover of at least USD 20 million per month.
According to our development plan, in 2021, 2 exchanges should connect to our F2C swap service, subsequently, in 5 years this figure will grow to 10 exchanges.

F2C Shareholders Income

The scheme of work is very simple: when sending any amount to the address of the contract, it (the contract) automatically distributes it among the F2C share holders in proportion to the number of tokens in the owner's wallet and credits the required amount to the address of the F2C share holder.
The transaction fee in the F2C service is 2.5% of the turnover. The holder of F2C share shares automatically receives 1% of transactions through the F2C service in the form of crediting funds to his/her account in the custody, which has a significant difference from ordinary shares, where dividends are distributed only after all taxes and expenses have been paid.
Based on a predictive sales model, our shareholders will start earning income immediately after the first transaction.
We forecast EPS to grow from $ 30 in 2021 to $ 200 by 2025, and the share price from $ 200 to
$ 1,400, respectively.


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